We accept donations online, through Network for Good, or checks written out to Catch a Rising Star Foundation, and mailed to:

c/o Milwaukee High School of the Arts
2300 W. Highland Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53233

What Your Donation Buys

$30 one set of acrylic paints
$60 newsprint pads for ten students
$150 one wooden easel
$840 color pencils for an entire class
$3200 graphics software for an entire class

$5 one Italian Anthology
$25 one set of violin strings
$30 one opera score
$50 one DVD player
$75 tunes one piano
$250 one session with a vocal coach
$300 one guest lecture
$400 one set of opera orchestra parts
$1000 one opera backdrop
$2000 one electric piano for a piano class
$15,000 one opera production (four performances)
$30,000 one 5 foot grand piano
$ 539, 925 makes MHSA a Steinway School
$1,000,000 instruments for one 40 piece orchestra

$10 one pair of leg warmers
$25 one pair of ballet slippers
$25 one pair of tights
$28 one leotard
$48 one unitard
$50 one pair of jazz shoes
$80 one pair of pointe shoes
$160 one pair of tap shoes
$250 one master class
$500 one summer dance scholarship

$10 one architect's scale
$15 one combination square
$40 one pack of 100 1.44 megabyte diskettes
$60 one pack of 100 CD-R Media 80 minute 48X
$75 one pack of 10 100 megabyte zip disks
$150 one 14 volt Dewalt battery powered drill kit